Social Dance Lessons

Social Dance Lessons in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Dancing is one of the best ways to mingle with strangers and connect with the people you love. Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakewood Ranch's gives students the confidence to move, step, and enjoy quality social dance lessons in Lakewood Ranch, FL and surrounding areas. For over 100 years, we've fostered the courage to leave the sidelines and join the fun. We can instruct you how to rule any dance floor for any occasion, from weddings, vacations, a night on the town, and beyond. Our lessons are applicable to every social event and musical style around the world.
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Social Dances for Every Occasion

Our lessons will prepare you for any event, including:

  • Weddings: Shake up tradition by learning exciting new dances to thrill you, your love, and your guests.
  • Cruises: The ocean won't be the only thing making waves. Social dances make every vacation or getaway even better.
  • Nightclubs: Hit the clubs in style. You'll be doing the tango, swing, or any dance you prefer all night long.
  • Corporate Events: Social dance skills provide you with an entirely new way to impress your colleagues, team members, and clients.
  • Family Events: Have you ever wanted to brag about being the best dancer in the family? Now you can!
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Engage Through the Art of Dance

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakewood Ranch, dancing is for everyone. You should never feel nervous or avoid dancing because you lack confidence in your abilities. Our warm, accommodating instructors teach students of all skill levels and backgrounds. We'll customize your lessons according to your specific needs and wants. Whether you want to level up for an upcoming event or you want to be prepared when an occasion comes up suddenly, we will equip you with the practices and routines you need to engage the dance floor. The dance floor is waiting for you, and our instructors will help get you there!

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