Hustle and Swing Dance Lessons in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakewood Ranch invites you to discover the fun and excitement of hustle and swing dance lessons in Lakewood Ranch, FL and surrounding areas. These dance styles offer participants opportunities to let loose and embrace their wild side. We've been a pioneering force in dance lessons and practice for over 100 years. Our instructors cultivate an inclusive, friendly studio space where dancers feel free and comfortable. You and your partner will have the time of your lives.
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two women dancing and bumping hips together

The Differences Between Hustle and Swing

The hustle is among the only rhythm dances not considered a swing dance. An almost 50-year gap exists between the origins of swing and hustle. Swing dancing includes a wide range of loose dancing styles born from the Roaring 20s and ballroom jazz traditions. Though distinct from the swing category, hustle shares a few traits and takes inspiration from swing dancing. Both involve the lead dancer taking back-forward steps with the left foot, like a rock-step motion.


The defining dance of Disco. The contemporary hustle features fast, smooth, playful rhythms and one partner spinning near constantly. It's known for its endless energy.


An American original. Formed from Jazz styles from the 1920s and 1930s, swing dance inspires countless other dance styles and is known for eclectic footwork and movements.

Prepare to be Thrilled

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakewood Ranch is excited to expose you and your partner to the fun and excitement hustle and swing styles have to offer. Are you getting ready for a themed throwback or Halloween party? Are you interested in the rich history of dance and want to engage with it physically, mentally, and emotionally? Regardless of why you want to dance, we will customize your lessons according to your current skill and passions. You'll have an unforgettable time stepping, moving, and embracing dance and the musical styles accompanying it.

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