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Children's Dance Lessons in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakewood Ranch provides a welcoming, comfortable environment for adolescents and teens to take children's dance lessons in Lakewood Ranch, FL and surrounding areas. Kid students are exposed to and engage in many dances, including Latin and ballroom. They are guided and taught by experienced instructors. Your child will learn steps, movements, and proper coordination for one-on-one and group dances. Our lessons begin with fundamentals and starting footwork and movement before getting more complex. We aim to help your child master the basics of dance before advancing, boosting their self-confidence and passion for dance as they grow.
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Building Confidence in Every Child

You love your child more than anything in the world. There's nothing you wouldn't do for them, and you want them to have access to the best opportunities. We offer parents and guardians a way to connect their children to the art and creativity of dance. Our lessons will build confidence and self-assurance within your child. We assure your child will take the skills learned from our instructors and apply them as they get older. The following dances are offered to enhance children's capabilities:
  • American style ballroom
  • American style rhythm
  • International standard
  • International Latin
  • Swing
  • Tango
  • Cha Cha
  • Foxtrot
  • Rumba
  • Waltz
  • Samba

Dance Competitions for Kids and Teens

Is your child competitive? If so, Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakewood Ranch invites you to enroll them in one of our dance competitions. We offer opportunities for kids and teens to compete in Latin and ballroom dances and push their limits. For some children, competing can be an exciting way to demonstrate what they've learned and receive recognition from their parents, guardians, judges, and peers. It can be extremely rewarding for kids and motivate them to continue dancing as they get older. No matter how tough the competition gets, we ensure children always have fun and are genuinely passionate about their art.

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