Latin Dance Lessons in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Experience the excitement, atmosphere, and bravado of Latin dance lessons in Lakewood Ranch, FL and surrounding areas, offered by professionals at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakewood Ranch. We offer an inclusive, fun-filled environment where dancers of all skill levels gather, socialize, and practice vibrant dance styles. Our instructors meet students where they're at in their learning journey, teaching with tried-and-true methods and techniques to inspire and motivate them. We've been giving new and experienced dancers the confidence they need to elevate their performance for over 100 years.
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man and woman dancing a latin style dance

Where Cultures and Histories Collide

Latin dance is a broad range of steps, rhythms, and movements inspired by styles from around the world, but it originates foremost from Latin America. Early iterations of Latin dance formed in the ballrooms, clubs, cafes, and restaurants of 19th-century Europe and have since spread wildly across the globe. Mixing Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, European, and American cultures, Latin dances are among the most desired types worldwide. Their mix of romance, sensuality, heartrending storytelling, and joy dazzles dancers of all skill levels and age groups.

Paso Doble

A two-step dance inspired by and mimicking a bullfighting procession. One partner plays the torero while the other play's the torero's red cloak.


A pioneering Latin dance considered the most sensual of all. Rumba was popularized in the United States in the 1920s and paved the way for every Latin dance to come.


Originating from Afro-Brazilian culture, the lively samba comprises a step-close-step-close pattern and a dip and spring in each beat.


Among the most famous Latin dances. Tango originated in Buenos Aires during the early 1900s and has been depicted in countless movies and TV shows.


Born in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s, bachata uses syncopated rhythms to tell dramatic, heartbreaking love stories.


A vibrant mix of cultures and styles. Salsa fuses Cuban dances like mambo and pachanga with American swing and tap dancing.


Among the defining dances in the Dominican Republic. Merengue is known for its changing tempos and is popular in Caribbean restaurants and cafes.


Including elements of classical ballet and theater, the bolero is a smooth, deliberately paced dance with gliding movements, creating a brooding, romantic atmosphere.


A Cuban dance style allowing for free-flowing emotions and feelings. Mambo's tense, exciting rhythms permeate the world of cinema and inspire the senses.


Creole for "party" or "festival," Zouk enlivens celebrations and fun-havers throughout the world with its sensuous rhythms and waving motions.

Excitement Awaits You

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Lakewood Ranch is proud to introduce dancers of all backgrounds to Latin dance's diverse movements and rhythms. Whether you want to learn or grow your skills in mambo, tango, salsa, and beyond, our instructors will customize your practice, giving you an outstanding dance experience. Dance improves all areas of life, from happiness to health and wellness. We're excited to welcome you to our studio and cultivate your passion and love for Latin dance!

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